"us now"

This page is where you’ll get information that we’re a little shy to openly share, but…

Since you’re here to know…we’ll tell you.

And there’s nothing wrong with us (or you for that matter) for doing this. Hey, you know “you” better than anyone else, so tell somebody when they want to know. It’s the best thing you can do to generate meaningful connections with people.

In fact, you would do a disservice to the people who might benefit from your unique gift if you keep silent.

Thanks for letting me get that off my chest. I hope it is helpful to you.

Now, before we tell you what’s happening with us...



We believe and live with a pulsating conviction that:

We as living human beings are not fixed, static globs of energy. We are creative, resourceful people who live in a world of constant change...and we have the power within us to thrive and become the protagonists of an ever-improving future.
We are dynamic, moving, breathing—ever becoming, never stagnant, unsettled, non-passive, featherless beings.

We are alive.

Therefore, we can change, make purposeful shifts, and transform.
At Upward Mindset we live delightfully with a perpetual discomfort of growth mindset in pursuit of EXCELLENCE and ABUNDANCE in all that we do.
We're fully convinced that...


This is why we choose to use the term “Us Now.” We’re letting you know how we view ourselves and how we view you:

Together we are people of power and potentiality!

So, as of now, we are based in Allentown, PA, USA and we focus on a few important things:

Following Jesus and extracting the abundant knowledge for generating success in work and life from the Bible.


Well...this is how we see it:

"If you want to be wealthy and wise, then you should learn from the wisest and the wealthiest persons who ever lived."

Right? Yes, and yes.

And where do you find them both?

You got it! In the Bible.

We continue to love reading, learning, serving, coaching and training.

We live to give.

And we're doing this all to gain your confidence and earn your trust. That’s all.

our vocations

  • PARENTING: We are committed to training our two children in being and doing good…for generating abundance in the world, keeping in mind to leave people and places better than they found them…or else!
  • COACHING: We coach executives, teams, and individuals to achieve measurable and observable transformation without crushing your uniqueness.
  • TRAINING: We train groups and team in various business topics, marketing, project management, continuous improvement methodologies, conflict handling, sales, customer service, conversational competencies, coaching skills, executive development, public speaking and career development
  • CONSULTING: We help organizations with growing their revenues and growing their people to systemically generate prosperity for all stakeholders, especially those in their care.
  • PASTORING: We serve on the Pastoral Staff of a magnificent, multi-ethnic church in Bethlehem, PA. We love God. We love people. You'll see.

We serve to help people surrender the past, serve the present and shape the future.

OUR Credentials

Right now, we have some notable credentials and certifications, all meant to give you rock solid proof that we’ve diligently labored through structured coursework; done inordinate amounts of reading; perspired over 4-hour long exams; completed guided instruction (both in-person and online), and successfully delivered observed coaching sessions to earn internationally recognized badges of expertise.

  • Masters Business Administration (MBA), DeSales University
  • BA, Human Resource Management, DeSales University
  • Professional in Human Resources (PHR), Human Resource Certification Institute
  • SHRM-CP, Society for Human Resource Management
  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC), International Coach Federation
  • Project Management Professional (PMP), Project Management International
  • Advanced Certified Practitioner (ACP), Assessments 24×7
  • Certified Executive Coach, Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching
  • Certified Executive Coach, John Mattone Intelligent Leadership
  • Certified Team Performance Coach (CTPC), Team Coaching International
  • Certified C-IQ Coach, Conversational Intelligence (CI-Q)
  • Coach Ontológico Acreditado (COA), Federación Internacional de Coaching Ontológico Profesional



Meet GRAHAM our Chief Canine Officer (CCO).

He joined our family at a most crucial moment following a difficult time of transition in our lives. He is now an integral part of our family and we love him.

He REALLY likes coaching and training.

Graham would tell you: "I'm not only the CCO, I'm also a client!"

I've had to limit his TV re-run intake because he's starting to repeat lines from old commercials.

**Pop Quiz: What was the commercial Graham took his tag line from?**

One day we’ll figure out a way for him to lose the glasses, but for now they stay.

In the event you're wondering...Graham is a mini labradoodle.