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"If you can't say no Then people can't trust your YEs."

I wrote this quick quide for leaders with a servant leadership disposition who care about helping people, but their schedules are as full as their well intentioned hearts. You'll uncover how to release the choking grip on your time to let your value flow to others.

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Get even better. Marshall Goldsmith defines “better” as YOUmaking measurable positive change in crucial leadership behaviors as determined by your key stakeholders. Bring your humility, discipline and courage and we’ll help you generate observable and measurable results. Guaranteed.


Open the floodgates of high achievement by taking advantage of our values-based and results-driven leadership development courses, all offered in an interactive environment both online and in-person. You’ll be engaged in a personalized learning process for making profitable gains while keeping a meaningful focus on the importance of your contributions.


This is the red “You Are Here” icon on your leadership map. When you understand where you are in relation to your desired goal you can quickly close gaps to speed-up your progress and even convert those annoying stumbling stones into stepping stones toward your success.


Maximize the 2-dimensions of the most admired and high performing teams to deliver profitable results that delight your clients. Eliminate team burnout and cut the high costs of low execution by engaging the 14-factors that drive extraordinary performance in teams in a psychologically safe, systematic coaching engagement that is proven to deliver you value.

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Dear Leader,

You're likely here because you're successful and want to grow more.

So there is something we'd like to share with you that if applied may position you for continued success.

We know what it is to be convinced about the reason for success, only to be wrong.

We also know that you're not crazy for having a menancing sense that something hidden is ghosting you, and it seems just beyond your control.

You see, there's for sure something hidden, yet it's observable, and it's sabotaging even the most admired leaders.

This sabotage is cloaked in the misguided belief that "what got me here will get me there."

Well, you should read on because...


Some of the latest research on leadership and neuroscience along with over 20 years of leadership coaching done by Marshall Goldsmith (New York Times Best Selling Author and the #1-rated Executive Coach in the world) reveal a powerful truth.

They've uncovered something phenomenal.

And it's phenomenal in part because it's hiding for all to see.

Here it is:

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There are leaders with a fixed-mindset who are convinced they're successful BECAUSE of their behaviors, skills, and relationships.

You can probably pinpoint these people. They say things like:

"I am who I am, and it's made me successful."

"That's how I do things...and it always works for me."

This is a leadership mindset that tries to lead into the future from the past...as if nothing ever changes.

This leadership mindset tends to produce frustration, disengagement, and sadly squanders the hidden wealth lying in previosly unexpored acres of human potential.

But there is a more enriching alternative.

There are also forward-thinking, growth-mindset leaders...they realize that their success may be a reality DESPITE those behaviors, skills, and relationships.

These leaders show 2 distinctions:

1. They confidently leap over the pitfalls of blindpots that form over extended periods of ego stroking.

2. They typically work with coaches to continually get better at bein relevant to the mission, valued by their organizations and valuable to others.

They have their eyes wide-open to the quickly altering dynamics in their world.

They are agile and in lock-step with the changing rhythms of risks and opportunities, and avoid becoming victims of circumstance.

They have an uncanny ability to position themselves for promotions and career growth.

The great news is that although they're part of an exclusive group, they don't belong to a secret society...and you can join them with the right coaching.


Today, you can join a select group of masterfully self-aware, emotionally intelligent, highly effective leaders who live with the honor of knowing they're making a positive impact on projects and people without losing their dignity or personal power.

You can take ownership of your success today by making a powerful choice to work with us and develop preeminent skills to see even around the jagged corners of the volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA) in our world.

It's a simple and easy choice for the courageous, humble, and disciplined leader to make.

Send us an email note.

We'll respond to you quickly and we'll go at your pace.

No pressure. No guilt. Just results.


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Protective Services Case Manager

“...the light bulb turned on and I realized what I was being taught could help me in my all my relationships and interactions at work, with my wife, children, and friends. I would challenge anyone thinking of taking the class by asking them, "Why wouldn't you want to improve your relationships at home or your interactions at work"? I think we could all improve and learn. By pride comes nothing but strife, But with the well-advised is wisdom. Proverbs 13:10


HR Recruiter

"This course has taught me that being self aware is the beginning of change and transformation. The Art of Listening is crucial in building strong relationships and accomplishing goals. This experience has provided me with the tools that are needed to be successful at home, church, work and everyday life. Steven thank you for all you do and bringing light into our world!"


Sales Consultant

“Thank you Steven and Keren! My life is more enriched after working with you. I’ve now embodied the value of: Being more attentive by choosing how I listen; Overcoming my assumptions by making requests; being more secure and confident.”



I'm now more observant and committed to deepen my connections with others, students, husband, and children.The structured content and the coaching scenarios were valuable and crucial to discover how my own communication patterns were affecting personal and workplace relationships. My previous views about communication were exposed allowing me to reflect upon them deeply and make significant changes."



Our credentials are not office wall decorations. Their ultimate purpose and highest reward are to give you the confidence about working with proven professionals who are committed to high academic, performance and ethical standards to help you achieve great results...not once or twice, but continually.

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